Dolee has some Easter bunny reminders

April is almost here and with Easter drawing near,

Dolee has some simple reminders about pet bunnies that he would like to make clear.

A pet bunny may seem like the perfect Easter pick, but remembering these simple bunny facts will hopefully do the trick.

Although they are cute and fluffy, people may not always know,

bunnies need to chew because their teeth continue to grow.

They also need some company, so two is better than one.

But be careful which 2 you choose or you could end up with a ton!

Bunnies are smart and can be trained, just watch them do their tricks.

They hop, they frolic, they even do air kicks!

If you choose a bunny for a pet, please consider where you go. Bunnies are the number 3 pet left in shelters hoping for a home.

Adoption or a rescue is one way you can find,

the bestest bunny out there to make your life sublime.

I hope you will consider what a bunny takes,

to care for and to love for proper bunny sakes.

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