Dolee Wants You to Celebrate Earth Day!!

Dolee says celebrate the earth!🌏

She is a mystical force.

Her magic is miraculous, her landscapes rugged and coarse.

From hurricanes and tornadoes, to ocean waves and rainbows. 🌈

We must respect her and first and foremost protect her.

Earth needs our protection, she keeps us all alive.

If she isn’t healthy most won’t survive.

So today is a great day to do something good.

Clean up some liter, or drive less if you could.

Skip on the plastic, go plant a tree. 🌲

Dolee says plant flowers, they help feed the bees!🌻

Get out in nature, view the night sky.🌙⭐️

This planet of ours is the best reason why.

And though there may be other planets where life does exist,

this one right here is where we must live.🌎🌏🌍

As we honor our blue planet today keep in mind,

Every day should be earth day, and always be kind!

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