Dolee Wants You To Plant A Seed!

Dolee wants you to plant a seed!

A bean, a pea, a flower to feed.

A little warmth and a nice sunny window,

some water, some love and then CRESCENDO!!

A plant to grow all spring and summer.

A flower, a veggie, oh what a wonder!

Maybe a tree or the tallest sunflower ever.

Grow it with love, and hope for good weather.

Check out these links for seed starting tips, resources and great children's activities.

Little Waldo Farm's Seed Starting for Northern Gardeners:

Seed Starting Up North
Download PDF • 2.61MB

For Parents and Gardeners:

University of Minnesota Extension Yard and Garden Seed Starting Information

Great Children's Seed Starting Activities:

Plastic Cup Mini-Greenhouses

Grow Your Own Salad

Seed Viewer

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