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Little Waldo Farm is a diversified small fruit, vegetable and tree farm just outside of Two Harbors. As a licensed nursery stock grower, I strive to provide healthy and more sustainably grown options for home gardeners. Plants and trees grown here at LWF are well adapted to our regions growing conditions, and are selected for their range of benefits well beyond  aesthetics. From native plants which help to stabilize soil and feed precious pollinators, to high yielding vegetable and fruit options that nourish your mind and bodies, I hope to encourage others to understand the health benefits and more sustainable lifestyle growing plants can provide.

I have become a honey beekeeper, completed horticulture and preserving courses, and now teach on a variety of gardening topics. I offer a hybrid model for classes throughout the school year with Zoom or in-person learning options both on the farm and through our local Community Education Program. I also offer outreach opportunities, and farm tours during the growing season for students, classes and small groups by appointment.


Catch the Buzz on Locally Grown Food

Understanding knowledge is power, I want to help ensure gardening and good local food always have a place in our community. Teaching others from my experiences is one way I can give back.

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