Softscaping Services for your Gardens and Landscapes


What is softscaping? Softscaping is basically working with the living or organic elements of your property and gardens. In other words, I can aid in maintaining the plants and living spaces that enhance your outdoor experiences right in your own yard.


LWF will provide softscaping services that include but are not limited to; Ornamental and annual fruit and vine pruning, scheduled watering, weeding, soil amending and fertilizing, mulching, planting, and even garden redesign. 

Going on vacation and need garden maintenance and upkeep? Want gardens in your landscape but don’t have the time, or know-how or just want to convert an existing garden space to fit your aesthetic pleasures? Call, text, or email for a free consultation.

Pollination Services | Honeybee and Native Bee Options for your Property in 2021!!


Pollination is incredibly important to have healthy plants and good yields from fruit and vegetable plants. With pollinator populations under constant stressors, pollinators have been in population decline for over a decade now.


LWF can help you assess what pollinators you have around your property, what you can improve to help your already present populations thrive, or if adding additional pollinators to your property is right for your space. Call, text or email for a free consultation!

Honeybee Pollination Services and Contracts


I offer beekeeping skills along with healthy bees, a proper honeybee hive, and workable advice on the best location and protection for an apiary site on your property. Seasonal contracts begin April 15th through Oct 31st, with the possibility of overwintering additions if requested.

Leaf Cutter and Masonbee Pollination Services and Options


Leaf Cutter and Mason bees are semi stingless bees that pollinate many native flora, annual flowers and vegetables. These varieties of bees can offer increased pollination without the cautions used for honeybees. Seasonal contracts begin Feb. 15th through Oct.15th, with the possibility of winter cocoon storage if requested.


I offer education on the life cycle and behaviors as well as Leaf Cutter or Mason Bee set-up with choice of pollinator hotel. 3 seasonal scheduled maintenance checks and replacement tubes for used cavities included. 

**Watch for upcoming details on this year's first annual Food and Family Garden Day, as well as our first official Pollinator Week Celebration on the farm!!

And don’t forget our Annual Plant Sale May 29th and 30th, and June 5th and 6th 2021!