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Supporting local benefits all of us. By spending dollars in your own communities, you are creating meaningful connections with those that shape the world we live in. Growers, producers, makers, business owners, and volunteers all deserve the support of the communities they provide in. In return these are the givers when our children are fundraising, when parks need some upkeep, and in times of need. The uniqueness of all of us validates just how wonderful the world truly is. 
Check out the FARMERS MARKET & EVENTS tab for some of my favorite local farmers and growers.

I would especially like to thank our local media. KTWH 99.5 FM Two Harbors Community Radio allows a platform for community voices like mine to spread knowledge and joy. Check out a couple of voluntary interviews on the KTWH website.
You'll find me featured in the Nov. 7th, July 18th, May 30th, and March 27th Farmer of the Week interviews with Katya Gordon.
Also the Lake County Press has been invaluable in restoring the nostalgia of reading the newspaper in the Two Harbors Community. To have the opportunity to volunteer with a group of wonderfully talented editors, journalists and story tellers has enlightened me on how to better connect with those around me. Thank you to all those that support the paper. Read my articles featured in the Lake County Press here.

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