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Meet Dolee the Doer Bee

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Meet Dolee the doer bee! Dolee is Little Waldo Farm’s knowledge spreading bee, and he is excited to share his adventures on the farm with you. Dolee’s mission is to help anyone interested better understand and appreciate all things nature, and to help you practice useful ways of sustaining and protecting it. He has lots of ways to do this and we hope you will join him by clicking on him throughout our website to find all the great products and lessons he encounters at Little Waldo Farm. We will also be sharing him with you through Facebook @Doleethedoerbee . Dolee is here to show you just how amazing nature is. He’d like to start off with an interesting fact about honeybees. Honeybee’s can recognize people! So, Dolee’s first Doer Tip is this; ’Bee’ friendly to the bees! They’ll remember your kindness!

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