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Nature Nurtures; Seed Starting in Northern MN

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Nature Nurtures is a column in our local news paper the Lake County Press which I voluntarily write for. To purchase a subscription to the Lake County Press click on the link below, or purchase copies at any of several Two Harbors establishments.

Seed starting can be a rewarding way to grow your own. It does take a bit of know how and a little commitment, but the deliciousness of a fresh picked vegetable, or the fragrance and beauty of a healthy happy flower near your entryway is worth every effort. Here in northern Minnesota we have the benefit of light in the spring, but we must be cautious of cold. There are crops that are better suited for these growing conditions, but we also can start many of our favorites early by growing in a warm sunny location, and slowly acclimating the seedlings to the outdoors once weather is appropriate. You don't need to invest a lot if starting just a few vegetables for your home gardens or patios, and timing makes all the difference.

As printed in the Lake County Press April 2nd, 2022 Vol. 1 No. 10

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